Diastasis Rectified

My journey to heal postpartum diastasis recti

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Throwing in the (gym) towel


This was my gym up until this week and I am more than a little sad about it. It even overlooked the ocean. Lewis, Jeffery, Ann, Lori, Gary and many many others showered me with encouragement during the whole pregnancy and made me feel incredible. Blah, I’m still in denial.

So, why did I quit the gym? Three reasons:

  1. Most workouts I do there will further the injury. Body Pump/lifting increases the abdominal pressure to a point where I can’t control it. Back pain ensues. The middle falls out during spinning. I can’t do more than half of yoga. Here is a helpful list of workouts you can do with diastasis recti¬†after you’ve regained some stability.
  2. Baby logistics. I can’t seem to squeeze in the extra 20 minutes of train commuting plus the workout time in the windows where my husband is home (and they don’t have childcare). The only time that’s feasible is Saturday morning and that’s our new social hour since evenings are for sleeping these days.
  3. We’re moving. We’ll be moving to a new neighborhood in a couple months, so just thought I would stop the financial bleeding now.

So, for now, I will just walk and accept the new normal (at least the walking isn’t hard since we don’t have a car!). This is what Wendy Powell suggests, anyway: walk and do the Mutu exercises and let everything else go until your transverse abdominis is strong again. Feels a lot like starting at the very beginning, but there’s a lot about motherhood that feels that way!



A coming out of the bedroom post

Every day I impulsively turn sideways and look in the bedroom mirror at the big bulge around my midsection. I remember how taut and gigantic it was back in March, right before my son made his big entrance into this place. By comparison, it’s small now, but I was hoping I wouldn’t look pregnant¬†at¬†all.

I expected that as soon as I was healed up I’d be back to the gym doing inversions, wheel pose, Body Pump, spinning, and all the other things I genuinely missed. Weeks and then months went by and my midsection didn’t pop back the way I was expecting.

My doctor confirmed my three plus finger diastasis recti and told me to just wait until my last kid and she could do a C-section and stitch me back together (no, thanks!). She said if I didn’t opt for surgery I was just going to look pregnant forever. My upper back started to tingle, my lower back spasm.

I signed up for the Mutu course, but had trouble sticking with it. I don’t have Facebook so I can’t be part of their community of moms. I started to spiral, feeling that I’d lost a part of myself, trapped between wanting to be fit and not wanting to hurt myself further.

So that’s where this post leaves me. I hope that someone else out there with a diastasis recti reads this and finds some camaraderie with me in this journey. I am going to start the Mutu course by Wendy Powell again from scratch and post my updates here. I don’t plan on doing Tupler, but I may change my mind depending on if I see results with Mutu.