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Guest Posts

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Diastasis Rectified! Together we can give hope and confidence to women going through this sometimes long and always difficult process.

If you read through these guidelines and are unsure about your post idea, email me at emily AT diastasisrectified DOT com and I will let you know what I think.



  • All photos must be no larger than 1000 pixels wide and optimized for the web. .png or .jpg only.
  • Due to the nature of blog, photos of your in-progress midsection are of course accepted and even encouraged. However, please no nudity or suggestive poses. This is a place for women to feel comfortable and not alone in their struggles. If it feels like you’re showing off, it’s not appropriate.


  • 1200 words or less
  • Feel free to discuss your birth experience to the extent that it contributed to your body’s current condition, but please do not center your post around how traumatic/ecstatic/empowering your birth was. Every biological mother has a birth story that needs to be told, and I encourage you to share it – this is just not the place for it.
  • Do not use your post as a platform to proselytize your beliefs/religion
  • No selling of anything (but feel free to, in your bio, link to your own sites where you sell things)
  • The post must stay within the confines of postpartum recovery – physical and emotional. Feel free to talk about aches and pains in areas other than your midsection, and include alignment information – as long as it is in line with that of The Restorative Exercise Institute.
  • Include a short bio. Guest posts are a great opportunity to build the diastasis recti recovery community and help each other along this road. In a few sentences, introduce yourself to Diastasis Rectified readers and make sure to include links to your web site or social media presences. This bio will be included at the bottom of your post.


  • Your post may be edited to make it as strong as it can be. After editing, I can send it back to you for review if you’d like. You’ll have 24 hours to get back to me before I go ahead and post it.
  • Please only use one space between sentences. This web site uses American English, so it’d be nice to maintain that consistency (but it’s not required).
  • Please, please read through your post aloud before submitting so you can catch any spelling errors.

All good? Great! When you’re done, ask yourself:

  • Is it helpful to others going through recovery?
  • Does it extend hope and camaraderie?
  • Is it entertaining or pleasurable to read?
  • Does it have specific information that others can use to better their lives? Is this information accurate and externally validated by a trustworthy source?
  • Have you made any of these mistakes?


  • If your post meets all of the above criteria, please send it in plain text format in an email or as an .rtf document (no Word, please!) to emily AT diastasisrectified DOT com.
  • Photos must be included as attachments. Please include notes in the body of the content to instruct me where to put the photos.
  • DO promote your post once it’s published on social media and/or your own web site! The Diastasis Rectified community is warm, responsive, and generally wonderful so please follow up in the comments!
  • Please do not publish the entirety of your guest post on your own blog or anywhere else on the internet, although an excerpt or intro to your piece is fine. It should exist first and only on Diastasis Rectified in its full format.



4 thoughts on “Guest Posts

  1. Hello I came across this site googling mutu I am just wondering how it’s working for you now as I can see you have been doing it since October I’m currently on my second day of the tupler technique and already the splint is driving me mad I have a gap of 3 to 4 I’m a very vain person and it’s getting me down so much I feel like it will never close and ill end up with a pooch all my life anyway sorry so yes I just wanted to no has it reduced the size of your diastasis and do you have more toned mid area thankyou.

    • Hi MaryAnn! This recovery process is just as much an emotional one as it is physical, isn’t it? It can be very discouraging, like somebody came and swapped out your body for someone else’s. I know it has been very hard for me! I’d encourage you to look through the posts on this blog, as they have information I think will encourage you and pictures of my progress. My gap is about the same as it was, although it has fluctuated back and forth. I have what I believe to be herniated tissue, so that is a factor as well. You will be relieved to know, however, that it’s not the size of your diastasis recti that correlates to the size of the pooch. If you can focus on becoming aligned in your whole body (more info at restorativeexercise.com), avoid wearing heels, and strengthen your other ab muscles (transverse and obliques), then you’ll feel stronger and see visible changes. I am finally able to button all of my pants and have seen a huge improvement doing those things! Please check back and tell me how things are going. We’re all in this together!

  2. Your post is so encouraging. I don’t know where to start. I struggled with sleep for a short time after my first but took Zoloft for a bi despite my resistance. Either way, I feel your passion for being an otherwise healthy women and then feeling like really this is what I’m left with. I would love to talk with you one on one. I have some similar goals and desires. I need some direction as this is somewhat differing territory given my midwest setting (cincinnati, dayton Ohio) given my location. I am nervous as I gym member for the past 13 years to give up but I really know in my gut this is best. One because of results and two because unlike moms who don’t do anything I will be working towards something, I workout with alot of women who don’t have my problem. They are to be envied. But more often I see moms just like me working harder, starving more, etc. and still not getting to the full health they are desiring . I am inspired and hopeful. On top of I have a love for personal finance I would love to help people with. But there is one one thing I’m thing i’m sure of. If people can’t face their physical discomfort they can’t face their financial discomfort. So while I want to start here, I strive to hit families at all angles. Unfortunately, because I am a mom I start with moms but really I’m okay with that because I feel that is where I feel most women are. And to be encouraged, this society had been emasculated so not to use as at as hammer against our spouses but as motivation to support, encourage, and edify. They suffer too. And our kids. But if we women get ourselves together they we can help our family too. And then we can live happily in the tiny house craze our generation loves. Which is lovely and something I will do in retirement, but why not now. If we feel good we really do act good. I know it seems superficial but when hasn’t been true. Someone who is skinner, healthier richer, they have some much hope truth, positivity, this is a small step but a step I think worth pursing.

  3. I’m still in the recovery process of my diastasis, but have been encouraged by other’s progress and educating myself more on the issue. Fitness is also a very important part of my life and has been the biggest struggle in recovering. I’ve had to tone back some areas and tell myself to be safe and listen to my body (as you mentioned in your post). I’ve been reading more on what is available to women and how accessible and accurate the information is to women. I found a physical therapist, Sarah E Duvall, online and have been involved in her program. Much of what I’m learning and practical ways to change your lifestyle line up with what you have posted as well. Thank you for telling us your story!

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