Diastasis Rectified

My journey to heal postpartum diastasis recti


Getting settled

Note: getting rid of your computer desk when moving may lead to leaving your computer in the box for a couple weeks. I am dragging it out onto the bedroom floor today to let you all know that I am still here and so grateful for the comments since my last post. I am going to take your advice (looking at you, Mimi!) and report back on what I learned. I will also be doing my repeat Week 6 post with DR measurement next week (I’m behind, but not shaming myself about it. Sometimes moving and a sick baby and a bag of tortilla chips gets in the way of our goals, but that doesn’t mean they’re lost!).

This morning I was given a strong dose of perspective and a renewed gratitude for the body I’m in and what it’s done for me. Also, tears. Check out this video of disabled men and women reacting to mannequins being made in their image:

Let’s move forward with the knowledge that we are beautifully made and valuable humans, no matter our shape.