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Mutu System Week 6 Progress Report, Putting One (Bare)Foot in Front of the Other




First off, the folks over at Mutu made a very helpful infographic about what diastasis recti is, when it’s a problem, how to measure it, etc. There is a lot of disparate info out there about diastasis and it’s a concise and easy-to-digest summary.

Week Six

Week six does not introduce any new exercises. Wendy must know that getting halfway through the program can be a rough spot, especially if you haven’t seen the results that you want. I have been trying hard to stick to the guidelines, change my lifestyle, and do the exercises.

I can’t control, however, that my 7mo is now 21lbs and going through a very clingy stage. As much as I try not to move in ways that will undo my hard work, there are times that it’s just not feasible to protect that belly and things come poking out.

So, thanks to Wendy for talking some sense into me! It’s normal to not yet see a big or any decrease in width of diastasis recti and it’s also normal to feel like you’re spinning your wheels. So, I’m going to keep moving forward and just trust this is the best path forward. Despite feeling like I’m paddling upstream, I do think I see some progress in the right direction this week.

A note on the exercises

Just a note for those of you also doing the program, I think I may have started with a little lighter weights. The 5lb weights seemed very safe at the time (in fact, I kind of felt like a weenie buying them), but especially in the chuck-over-the-shoulder moves, I have to really focus so that I don’t compromise my back. I’m also still doing “Gecko with Attitude” as a modified plank on my knees with no weights. 


My doctor never checked me for a hernia, which is probably for the best because she also told me I can do all the crunches I want and that surgery is the only thing that will help and why don’t I go ahead and have a C-section with my last kid so she can repair the diastasis at the same time? So, my doctor was not a great help.

I’ve been noticing a hard bulge come and go above my belly button where my gap is largest (I carried very high), and for the first time I can see it in my photos for this week. It’s not super obvious, but you can see my belly took on a different shape this week – more squared off.

There’s not really anything I would do if I had a hernia unless it got strangulated or I felt consistent pain. For now I am just sticking with the exercises and trying to keep an eye on it. If I can reappropriate the abdominal pressure correctly, the hernia shouldn’t feel the need to poke through my connective tissue anyway. Whether it is poking through or not does seem to affect the measurement of my diastasis and my ability to do the exercises, though. For example, “Drop your heel, find your middle…no hands!” is impossible to do safely if the bulge is there.


I’m moving in two days, so we’ll be packing up my computer tomorrow. Good thing I have the exercises memorized! I will be back online next week, hopefully with some good progress to update you with!

How is MuTu going for you? I’d love to hear your updates and encouragement!


Author: diastasisrectified

I am charting my progress as I recover from a diastasis recti and get back to an active lifestyle.

13 thoughts on “Mutu System Week 6 Progress Report, Putting One (Bare)Foot in Front of the Other

  1. Just wanted to say I stumbled upon your blog and am enjoying reading about your journey. I don’t have a noticable DR, but my youngest is 2 and I’ve realized that my TVA is really weak and limiting other things, etc. Anyway – keep it up! Finding Aligned and Well several years ago has helped so much in terms of alignment.

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement, Erin Rae! It’s amazing how much you depend on your TVA to safely do…almost everything. It can be very frustrating! I’m glad you found A&W, too. I’ve actually been considering doing the certification she offers since her info is so good. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great blog. I do see progress for you. Dont you see it??? Beware the body dysmorphia!! Also, I have taken about 2/3 of Katy Bowman’s Whole Body Alignment course but I am certainly no expert. Are you rib thrusting in these pictures? Or do you think your ribs are dropped? I recommend the Science of Psoas class at Katy’s professional site restorativeexercise.com. Wonderfull two hour class. You cant achieve full transversalis activation if your ribs are not down. I cant tell from your pics but when you suck in your tummy it looks a bit like you are still slightly thrusting which means you are pulling all of your abdominal muscles in, not just activating your TVA. This increases intra-abdominal pressure and crunches the organs. Make sure your ribs are down. Also hard to tell from your pics but think you may not have a neutral thigh bone (meaning tight psoas, very common) and tight shoulder girdle (very common) I have similar issues. MuTu has all of the building blocks but Katy goes into more detail. Check out her psoas class and email me if you have questions

    • Mimi, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I did take the course upon your recommendation and pretty much all of your suspicions about me were correct. I am hoping to address these and other diastasis-related issues in upcoming posts because Katy’s content is so valuable for this and a bevy of other issues. Anyway, I can’t thank you enough for your input. 🙂 Hope to see you back here again!

  3. I, too, think you’re showing improvement and looking great. *nice work* As always, I so appreciate and enjoy your posts.
    Happy Moving!

  4. My abdomen also has a squared-off-ish look around my belly button. I definitely feel as though my abdominal muscles are getting stronger (thanks to MuTu); however, I still have that strange pooch around my belly button when my transverse is fully relaxed. (When my transverse is engaged, my abdomen looks like nothing is awry…)
    I looked up information about ‘umbilical hernia,’ but I feel like I couldn’t find any solid information or pictures of what it looks or feels like in a relatively mild case. (I definitely found photos of extreme cases….yikes!) Were you able to find seemingly reliable information about hernias?

  5. alice I have to ask again if your front ribs are on the same plane as your back ribs in those pics? (Level lampshade above pelvic bowl) also are u using Katy’s alignment principles of bottom front rib in a line with your hip bone (ASIS) and pubic symphasisi? those three need to be in line when you activate your TVA in all planes (eg standing, wall pushups,etc…)

  6. I am SO glad I found your blog! I am the exact same person as you! LOL..well..not really, but you get what I mean! I was the lean tiny fit pregnant girl at the gym, and now 1 year PP, I still have a 4cm split and hernia even though I’m at my pre pregnancy weight and shape otherwise. I attibute the issues with not healing further despite physio to my constant need to lift heavy weights, do interval cardio and push my body, which made everything so much worse 😦 I just started Wendy’s program today, and I’m really hoping *praying* it works!! Thanks for your updates ! – Ninu

    • Oh Ninu, I hear you! We are so similar! How have you been doing with Wendy’s program? It has been so hard for me to stop the old way I was used to being active and take on a new perspective that functional, healthy *movement* is better than *exercise* for me. It’s hard for me to internalize, that is for sure. I hope what I learn with this new certification I’m doing will help all of us repair and love our bodies.

      • I think mine is getting better! I found a trainer here who showed me get this, the right way to do a plank! And it really works and my diastasis is getting smaller! 🙂

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