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Mutu System Week 5 Progress Report


It took me 8 days, but I did make it through doing the “intensive workout 1” four times. This week I moved onto Phase 2 core, which was at least psychologically important because I felt like I was actually progressing.



Phase 2 Abs

This week I graduated to the next level of abdominal work. The main differences were:

  • More twists
  • More load put on the TVA (for example, in “Drop Your Knees, Find Your Middle” you can’t use your hands to brace your knees anymore
  • Bigger, meatier squats
  • The addition of a toe/shin stretch (which I don’t get much out of because I have inhumanly flexible feet)
  • Modified Bridge poses. Love this since I am having serious yoga withdrawal
  • Hip strengtheners and openers (including the same exercise the physical therapist had me doing for sacroiliac joint pain in pregnancy)

I was surprised at how different the second phase was from Core Phase 1. I was thankful for her mixing things up!


Looking at the photos, I think I see a little improvement from last week! That surprises me because:

a) I haven’t been walking, and this has not been good for my mental health with a 6 month old

b) I pushed myself too hard and it wasn’t until I had my husband feel my abs during Staggered Push-Ups that I discovered my abs were separating during them. So, back to wall push-ups!

Barefoot in Winter

We don’t really have “winter” per say here in San Francisco, but we definitely get rain and wind. I’ve been wearing my Tieks into the ground, so I have been on the lookout for a pair of winter shoes. I found this fabulous post on barefoot walking boots for winter. I love Katy Bowman and I kind of want to be her when I grow up, but I have a legit case of city fashion and most of those boots look like they were designed in a darkroom (Frye, are you listening? Chop, chop!).

Thankfully, I found two that I think I could work with tights or skinny jeans.

Nepal boots by Tom's Nepal boot, by Tom’s.

I find regular Tom’s pretty uncomfortable (especially compared to Tieks), but I’m hoping these will be a totally different story.

barefoot boot by VivoBarefootRyder by VivoBarefoot

While certainly not the sexiness that was my Frye Carmen Lace Up (love you forever, RIP), these will do when I need something waterproof. Giving up heels is tough, but think of all those bunions and joint replacements I’m hopefully avoiding!

Thanks for coming along the ride with me! Please let me know if you’re in this journey, too, so we can band together and offer each other support.


Author: diastasisrectified

I am charting my progress as I recover from a diastasis recti and get back to an active lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Mutu System Week 5 Progress Report

  1. Awesome results! I’m impressed. (Like the boots too).

    • Thanks, Jamie! I think I’ve gone backwards in the last week or so as sleep deprivation has hit again (growth spurt + cold = what sleep?), so we’ll see what the next update brings. This whole deal requires consistent work, that’s for sure!

  2. I just found your blog during a search for info on healing my diastasis recti. I can relate to you so much! I had our second baby last December and knew that I had ab separation during both pregnancies, but never realized it was something that would be causing damage to my body so long after childbirth. My upper back “tingles” like you said and no one has any clue what I’m talking about when I describe it! I exercised as intensely as possible through both pregnancies and jumped right back in after both births, doing yoga, bootcamps, lifting weights, running, the whole schabang….and wondering why I kept getting injured in different ways! Six months of physical therapy for a strained gluteus medius caused by my pelvis not rotating correctly, then a sprained back right after that. In hindsight, I can see how a weak core played a part in it all. There is so much information out there (Tuple, Mutu, etc.) that I feel overwhelmed and then question if I actually need to purchase an expensive plan when my “pooch” is so much smaller than those I see online. I can fit 2.5 fingers right at my belly button, none above and none below., but my flat tummy is gone and I look 1st trimester pregnant all the time. Anyway, seeing so many similarities to you has me thinking maybe I should give Mutu a go…or just keep googling transverse exercises online. I think it’s awesome that you made this blog without having ties to Mutu so people can get an unbiased opinion and your positive, encouraging words are awesome as well! 😉

    • Hey Courtney! Thanks for the encouragement. I am so glad that you found me because we do sound like we have a lot in common. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this, too. It’s a drag, no? I hear you about trying to make a decision and I definitely hemmed and hawed. I ended up getting two discounts (one from this page http://inspiredrd.com/2012/06/dear-diastasis-recti-im-so-over-you.html and one through Wendy’s Mutu email newsletter) that brought the price down a good bit. The part that has ended up being most influential for me is the focus Mutu makes on correcting alignment and pressure issues for good, while Tupler is more concentrated on the core area but doesn’t help you make more comprehensive body changes. You can find Julie’s exercises online, so I almost just did those and bought a splint. I align more with Wendy’s philosophy, though, so here I am testing it out for the world to see. Let me know if you decide to go in a particular direction and how it goes. The more information out there for other moms, the better. Good luck!

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