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Mutu System Week 4: Photos and a Review


Mutu System Week 4 Results

The “mummy tummy” diastasis recti with transverse not engaged and then engaged

Mutu System Week 4 Results

Transverse not engaged on left, engaged on right

Although I’ve been doing this for more than four weeks, this past week was when I graduated to the Week 4 curriculum with Mutu System by Wendy Powell. This means I was doing Mutu Intensive Workout No.1 four times and Core Phase 1 seven times this week.

I’m finally feeling like I see some results and actually feel different! I’m so glad I’m taking photos because, man, I was really pooched out on Week 1! I’m not seeing a difference since last week with TVA engaged, but I definitely see and feel a difference with it not engaged. My insides feel more tightly packed, if that makes sense.

How have I been liking Mutu?

  • I love that the daily workouts do not require sound. This is GENIUS. I live in a 1 bedroom loft, so there are no interior walls and any sound is game to wake the baby.
  • I haven’t purchased any special equipment yet, which has been lovely. This is what I’ve needed:
    • Pillow or rolled up blanket instead of half bolster
    • Big exercise or kids soccer ball for ball slams and squeezing exercises
    • My therabands from prenatal physical therapy (you’d need to buy those if you don’t already have some)
  • In the videos, Wendy doesn’t do everything perfectly and I also smile with her when she wobbles (because I’m usually wobbling with her).
  • I still can’t do normal push-ups, so I have been doing wall push-ups. This prevents me from getting my heart rate up as high as the HIIT (high intensity interval training) intends.
  • Wendy, who is adorable and so likable, uses a plus sign instead of the word “and” in all of her materials. I don’t know if this is a cultural thing or what, but the grammarian/librophile in me gets pretty distracted by it because I read it in my head as “plus” not “and”Nitpicking, yes, but I can’t be the only one!

I’ve been eating clean, cleaner than I had originally intended, due to my son’s doctor taking me off of gluten and dairy. Good thing I got rid of the chocolate chip habit before she broke that news! 

I have a lot more hope about actually healing the diastasis recti at this point. I’ve been told by so many people that it’s impossible and to just give up. I really hate that the medical community has been taught that line and I wish OBs had more knowledge about biomechanics and alignment. In the mean time maybe this blog will find someone frustrated with their “mummy tummy” out there and give them some hope!


Author: diastasisrectified

I am charting my progress as I recover from a diastasis recti and get back to an active lifestyle.

11 thoughts on “Mutu System Week 4: Photos and a Review

  1. I am so happy I found your blog! I too have a disatasis that is 3-4 fingers in width after baby #3 and have been trying splinting and working out at home with a personal trainer. The cost is now getting a little steep for me and so I’m investigating other programs. I am planning to start the MuTu system in January after the holiday craziness ends. I also don’t have a facebook account, so any tips on how I can reach out to others for support would be great. Is there a forum on the MuTu system site? Anyway, good luck on your journey to a fitter and stronger you – I will be following along and joining you for the ride early next year!

    • Michelle, I am so glad you found me! I’m sorry about your diastasis recti. Welcome to the club. 🙂 I’m looking forward to having you along for the ride in January. There is a blog on the Mutu site but no member forum aside from FB. I haven’t found a great way to reach out to others aside from searching for people blogging or tweeting, but if we got a small group together we could start our own support network! Can I ask how you found me?

      • Good ol’ google. I was looking for either MuTu system reviews or before and after pictures. I think it was the search for pictures that brought your blog up.

  2. Hello! I have been following your blog and you are doing amazingly well!! I also have a 3-4 cm gap following my second pregnancy and despite having lost all baby weight (yey!) still have a pregnant looking tummy (boo!). Finding the MUTU system was amazing as I felt I wasn’t alone in this. I purchased the MUTU Focus plan…but…am yet to start it! I think I just feel I have so far to go that I am struggling to get started on what I feel is going to be a long journey! However seeing your pics is inspiring me!
    Can I ask, is it the MUTU Focus plan you are following? X

    • Thanks, Nicola! I am following the 12-week plan, although I’m still not sure the exact differences other than length of the program and the food piece. For example, if you end up doing all the same core workouts as Focus or not? I’ll be interested to know after you start.

      It’s tough when you lose the weight and then still feel like you have this belly hanging around! If you start soon, then we could go through it together. 🙂 I admit I had several false starts first, even though it’s only 6 minutes a day at the beginning. I guess it is more psychological than anything for me – I think I was also afraid it would fail and I’d be stuck with people asking me if I’m pregnant forever. Please let me know when you start up and I’ll be happy to offer you support and company!

  3. Hello, hello! I also am curious as to which MuTu program you are using.
    I am 16 months postpartum and still working on closing the gap. I too was super fit and active before and during pregnancy (-and am again to the extent that I can be-), and it’s been quite a process dealing with, understanding, and healing my diastasis recti. My abdominals definitely feel increasing stronger and more usable, and folks say, “You look great” or “You look just like you did before” — oh, but I know that I don’t look and feel ‘back to normal’ yet. Therefore, I am interested in purchasing a MuTu program. I assume that either program will teach me about body mechanics & alignment and also will give me a workout that helps me visually see progress. While I’d like to purchase the less expensive Focus plan, I am willing to spring for the full-on program if that’s the better route to take. Any advice?
    Thank you so much for starting this blog. (You look like you’re doing great so far!)

    • Hi Alice! Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement. I need it. Congratulations on your baby!

      I can relate to the frustration of being fit before and during pregnancy (and feeling rather powerful, might I add) and then finding out postpartum that you no longer inhabit the same body. I remember my first day back to weightlifting class everybody said “you don’t even look like you had a baby!” and it wasn’t five minutes into class I realized this was a totally different ballgame. Looks are deceiving! I think what’s been toughest for me (other than turning in my gym membership) was realizing how easy it is to undo progress with one wrong move and having to be so careful in any activity.

      About the plans, I was pretty confused when I signed up. I didn’t know if Focus was going to give me more or better core instruction and I didn’t feel like I needed the food piece because I am pretty aware about clean eating. The reason I ended up choosing the 12-week program was because I wanted the core piece but I also wanted workouts I could do at home that I could trust were 100% safe. I haven’t regretted the decision. All the weeks are split out into Core and HIIT workouts, so I imagine Focus is just the core piece or something very similar to it. I can’t say for sure since I didn’t purchase both.

      Let me know what you choose and when you get started! Best of luck to you on the journey.

  4. I am interested in this system as my DR is 3cm. I never knew there was a name for it but I knew this couldn’t be “right”. lol My baby is 8 and I’ve been at my prepregnancy weight for many years but my tummy is not what it looked like before. I look 3-4 months pregnant. I would love to wear more fitted shirts, again. Anyway, does she tell you what exercises you should stay away from? I have not researched those yet.

    • Hey Katie! I am totally with you about wearing fitted shirts. I recently got fitted for a bridesmaids dress and my waist was four sizes bigger than the rest of me. It is just so frustrating! Thankfully, there are things we can do and encouraging each other is a huge part of sticking with it and succeeding. As for exercises, Wendy recommends starting the program and ONLY doing her exercises along with a daily walk. I found that to be a good recommendation because (especially in the beginning) it can be hard to know how much you can tolerate. The general rule of thumb, though, is that if you see a bulge or feel your insides rising up, then stop whatever you are doing immediately. You will only hurt yourself further. Avoid things where gravity is working against you, like a full plank or push-ups, unless you are absolutely sure you can do them safely. Also, any crunches are off limits forever really. Deep twisting standing yoga poses (like triangle pose) are also not helpful. Lastly, I think you’ll find this more comprehensive list helpful: http://www.beautifulafterthebelly.com/what-exercises-can-i-do-with-a-diastasis-recti-cardio-sports-abs-for-arms-legs-obliques/

      Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by and joining all of us in this together. 🙂

  5. I noticed the latest post was back in March of this year. I was hoping to hear an update about if you were able to complete the mutusystem 12 week program and what you thought. I was just recently diagnosed with DR and felt relieved (as I now knew there was a actual problem) but frustrated at the same time (as the doc said there was nothing I could do). I am hoping starting one of these work out programs on line will at least improve my belly situation. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Deborah! I’m sorry about your diagnosis. I know that feeling! I did not complete the 12 week program because I changed course to become certified in Restorative Exercise (which is one of the foundational pieces of Mutu’s content). I still totally endorse Mutu, though, as I think it’s a leading DR recovery program.

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