Diastasis Rectified

My journey to heal postpartum diastasis recti

My starting over point – the belly before, during, and after pregnancy



This is me at 8 weeks pregnant, the day before I went into labor, and then at 5 months post partum (my transverse abdominis is not engaged). What a difference a diastasis recti makes!

It’s difficult for me to look at these shots. I really expected to bounce back quickly as I knew only 12% of women who exercise during pregnancy get a diastasis recti. No one in my family has ever had one. In fact, when my mom visited me at 8 weeks post partum she asked if something was wrong with my belly and I got offended. I should have gotten a clue! I just didn’t expect it to happen to me.

If you are currently pregnant

If you are currently pregnant and wondering if you have a diastasis, keep an eye out when you are doing push-ups. I never did crunches, in an effort to avoid a diastasis, but I did do push-ups. I saw a dome like a big hot dog running down the middle of my belly. I was ignorant enough to think it was my abdominis rectus, when it was actually my innards poking through! 

In retrospect, I would have also cut out the side arm balance way before 9 months. Word to the wise.

Tupler recommends splinting with her approximating splint and extenders while pregnant. I don’t know if I will splint post partum (I’m waiting to see if Mutu works), but I will definitely splint in my next pregnancy.


Author: diastasisrectified

I am charting my progress as I recover from a diastasis recti and get back to an active lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “My starting over point – the belly before, during, and after pregnancy

  1. I can relate to this post, so very much. I was also convinced that my previously small body was going to “bounce right back” after baby. By eight months postpartum with my second baby, I was exercising (kettlebell swings, push-ups, planks, etc.) and getting awesome definition in my arms, legs, and back, but my stomach still looked horrible. I tried Tupler, couldn’t stick with it – those ENDLESS reps and the constant splinting were just not for me.
    I discovered MuTu while doing online research, and I’m nearly done with the Focus program. I read through your blog and your progress has been awesome! Keep up the good work, Mama, you look great!

  2. I can relate as well. I have a very small frame and am usually around 115 lbs. I am small everywhere but my belly, and everyone knows we want more children so I get comments and glances at my tummy constantly.

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