Diastasis Rectified

My journey to heal postpartum diastasis recti


My starting over point – the belly before, during, and after pregnancy


This is me at 8 weeks pregnant, the day before I went into labor, and then at 5 months post partum (my transverse abdominis is not engaged). What a difference a diastasis recti makes!

It’s difficult for me to look at these shots. I really expected to bounce back quickly as I knew only 12% of women who exercise during pregnancy get a diastasis recti. No one in my family has ever had one. In fact, when my mom visited me at 8 weeks post partum she asked if something was wrong with my belly and I got offended. I should have gotten a clue! I just didn’t expect it to happen to me.

If you are currently pregnant

If you are currently pregnant and wondering if you have a diastasis, keep an eye out when you are doing push-ups. I never did crunches, in an effort to avoid a diastasis, but I did do push-ups. I saw a dome like a big hot dog running down the middle of my belly. I was ignorant enough to think it was my abdominis rectus, when it was actually my innards poking through! 

In retrospect, I would have also cut out the side arm balance way before 9 months. Word to the wise.

Tupler recommends splinting with her approximating splint and extenders while pregnant. I don’t know if I will splint post partum (I’m waiting to see if Mutu works), but I will definitely splint in my next pregnancy.


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Day 1 all over again

I started Mutu and did it for several weeks but wasn’t consistent. I got to the push-ups in the intensive 1 and my abs were doming. It was very frustrating! I can’t even do a push-up! I did them on the wall, which is what I plan to do next week. This week, though, is all about just getting back on the wagon. So, here we go! Day 1. Let’s do this.


A coming out of the bedroom post

Every day I impulsively turn sideways and look in the bedroom mirror at the big bulge around my midsection. I remember how taut and gigantic it was back in March, right before my son made his big entrance into this place. By comparison, it’s small now, but I was hoping I wouldn’t look pregnant at all.

I expected that as soon as I was healed up I’d be back to the gym doing inversions, wheel pose, Body Pump, spinning, and all the other things I genuinely missed. Weeks and then months went by and my midsection didn’t pop back the way I was expecting.

My doctor confirmed my three plus finger diastasis recti and told me to just wait until my last kid and she could do a C-section and stitch me back together (no, thanks!). She said if I didn’t opt for surgery I was just going to look pregnant forever. My upper back started to tingle, my lower back spasm.

I signed up for the Mutu course, but had trouble sticking with it. I don’t have Facebook so I can’t be part of their community of moms. I started to spiral, feeling that I’d lost a part of myself, trapped between wanting to be fit and not wanting to hurt myself further.

So that’s where this post leaves me. I hope that someone else out there with a diastasis recti reads this and finds some camaraderie with me in this journey. I am going to start the Mutu course by Wendy Powell again from scratch and post my updates here. I don’t plan on doing Tupler, but I may change my mind depending on if I see results with Mutu.